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Rob Redding influencer Camillo makes GQ

Redding holds solo show in NYC

Rob Redding in art show for Trans rights

KKXX calls ‘Sinister Citizen’ ‘fascinating’

‘Sinister Citizen’ enters Top 30 on Amazon’s fiction chart

"Black Voices, White Power" gets March pub date ...

METRO UK: Rob Redding advances CoverGirl story

Redding reaches new NYC art agreement

Rob Redding's art merchandise hits ATL

Redding to hold 'Black on White' solo show in NYC

Redding shows art in NYC

Redding announces death of chief technologist Michael Wayne Boyles

Redding talks black media

Redding pens thesis on white ownership of black media

Radio Vet Talk Show Host Rob Redding Writes Another Best-Selling Amazon E-Book “Why Black Lives in Matter…”

Best Seller: 'Why Black Lives Matter' explains how to solve racism

Rob Redding's Book A Top Seller « Urban Insite

Redding announces release of his new book 'Unthinkable'

Redding News Review's new flexible subscriber system wins listeners, readers

AJC: Rob Redding in stage play...

Wade Simmons becomes President of Redding Communications, Inc.

Redding News Review contributor Audraine Jackson ...

Redding mulls legal action against GCN


RF: Rob Redding is Now Live in Cleveland on WERE-AM'

RCI lauded  for Jordan Davis coverage

URN: America's Independent Voice Rob Redding is now live on Cleveland's WERE-AM

Urbaninsite! Rob Redding Talk Now On WERE-AM Cleveland

Redding News Review Moves To Live Clearance On WERE

Redding News Review Now Airing From Brussels enters 12th year

Former RNR editor Marlene Johnson makes 'HistoryMakers'

'Not a Nonviolent Negro' album, book No. 1 in multiple categories

GCN News: Show host Rob Redding’s new book No. 1 on

FCC probe of Sirius XM (SIRI) requested

VALUEWALK: Sirius XM Radio Inc (SIRI) Faces Probe: Is Digital Radio Racist?

URBAN RADIO NATION: Redding News Review Request FCC Probe of Sirius XM Channel Change

ZIMBIO: Sirius XM Radio Inc (SIRI) Faces Probe: Is Digital Radio Racist ...

EWALLSTREETER: Sirius XM Radio Inc (SIRI) Faces Probe: Is Digital Radio Racist?

Unleash the Whip! gets 3 1/2 Stars: 'Dance Music Magic'

Redding's 'Unleash the Whip!' album featured on Songster

AJC calls the Rob Redding's new album 'racy'

NTS Media: Redding album 'expands his media reach!' 

URN: Talk Show Host Rob Redding's New Book Debuts at Number One

URN: Rob Redding's Book 'Disrupter' spends week at No. 1

Rob Redding has third best-selling book in 90 days

Urban Radio Nation: Rob Redding has third best-selling book in 90 ...

Rob Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

Radio Facts: Rob Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

All Access: 'Redding News Review' Added To Weekday Lineup At Sirius XM's The Power

Urban Radio Nation: Rob Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

Inside Radio: Redding on SiriusXM

Richard Prince: Redding on  SiriusXM

NTS MEDIA: 'Where's the Change?' tops ideologies

The Day: Community News from Southeastern Connecticut

GCN: 'Where's the Change?' tops ideologies

NTS MEDIA: Where's The Change

URBAN RADIO: Talk Radio Show Host Rob Redding Pens New Book about the Obama Administration: "Where's the Change?"

WTHE Adds Shayla Bennett Show

Rob Redding's Redding News Review Now Heard in NYC : Radio

WTHE Adds 'Redding News Review'

Rob Redding scheduled to talk to students about his new Obama book out today

Redding News Review will gain traffic from RCI news site

Philly Inquirer: Dan Gross: Hunk title for Bradley C. Rob Redding Jr.'s on the 'Buzz' Rob Redding Show Coming To WDBZ-AM

Radio Facts: Rob Redding’s radio show moves into Cincinnati

Cincinnati's Buzz Adds Redding News Review | AllAccesscom

NTSMEDIA: Redding celebrates one year in syndication

Redding now heard more days in Philly, gets better times in key markets

"Redding News Review" Goes Prime Time in Atlanta, Adds Weekdays in Philly

Redding News Review Gets Weekday Expansion On WURD Philadelphia ...

Redding moves into Raleigh

WGEA Adds Alison Slade Show |

Redding now heard weekdays in Louisiana

Rob Redding's ''Redding News Review'' Adds KNOC

Rob Redding celebrates a year in weekday syndication


Hear what Rush Limbaugh said...

AJC: WAOK’s Rob Redding gets Rush Limbaugh’s attention

ALL ACCESS: Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele's Views On Redding News Review Draws Response From Rush Limbaugh

NTS MEDIA: Several Talkers Engaged In War Of Words

MEDIA MATTERS: Limbaugh Lashes Out At Michael Steele And Notes Steele's Prior Apology For Criticizing Him

REDDING.COM: Rush Limbaugh apparently relieved it wasn't Redding, California ...

NEWS ONE: Michael Steele Calls Limbaugh Ebonics Skit “Stupid”

WERE Adds 'Redding News Review' |

Rob Redding now heard in Cleveland

WATCH: Redding's first solo Smear Painting

Rob Redding to hold solo art show

Rob Redding's art is included in Louisiana art show

ROLLING OUT MAGAZINE: 'Redding News Review' Offers Straight Political Talk on Atlanta's WAOK-AM

Dryer Buzz: What's Up with that Brother? 'Redding News Review' Offers Straight

WFDM-A Adds Alison Slade Show |

Doni Glover Joined by ATL's Rob Redding on Tuesdays on WOLB 1010

WTHQ Adds 'Redding News Review' |

WAOK/Atlanta Adds Weekday Edition Of 'Redding News Review'

Redding Now Heard Weekdays on WAOK « V103 The People's Station

NTS MediaOnline » Blog Archive » Talk Media News Notes

Congratulations Derrick, Warren and Rev. Al « WAOK-AM

What Happened While America Slept? Find out On America's Morning ...

WGIV Adds 'Redding News Review'

Redding News Review wins third consecutive BWA

WLMC Adds Weekday 'Redding News Review' |

WIBB-A/Macon Adds Weekday Version Of 'Redding News Review'

Film Narrated By Redding To Screen At San Antonio Film

Redding profiled for being first in talk to introduce ringtones

WBOK-A Adds 'Redding News Review'

Redding becomes first radio talk show host to offer ringtones

Redding returns to Macon, Georgia



Redding narrates upcoming movie 'Stay Brady Stay'


RNR adds Myrtle Beach, Charleston

Redding News Review turns 7 years old


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo joins Redding News Review


Redding now heard in Melbourne, Tuscumbia

Redding News Review launches 'Business Diary' blog

Journalist, business entrepreneur joins RNR's business section

Redding News Review wins second consecutive BWA

Experienced writer, editor Henry Brier to lead The Washington Continent

XM's 'The Power' Adds Redding News Review

Marlene Johnson leaves RCI

Talk 540-AM Host Rob Redding Takes Show National

Redding News Review wins a 'Black Web Award'

Redding News Review Targets Media Outlets, Professionals in Outreach Campaign

Redding a panelist at black journalists' online innovators forum

Redding Communications, Inc. CEO audited twice in two years

Veteran Editor Joins The Washington Continent, Redding News Review

Redding confirms report about The Washington Continent

Boyce Watkins, Keyonna Summers Join Redding News Review

Redding News Review marks 5 years with new "Business" section

Redding News Review Reaches Half Million in '06

Redding News Review Hits Traffic Milestone

Redding now on XM

Redding to release podcast series on The Was

Redding News Review Tops AOL

Publisher: 4-year-old Redding News Review is 'fiercely independent'

Transcript: Redding's remarks on the independent movement

Redding to participate in independent conference

Milliner takes over as editor of Redding News Review; Redding remains publisher

Redding News Review heard in 23 more cities

Redding to open solo art show

Redding launches podcast

Author: Redding's 'Hired Hatred' is 'appropriately titled' and 'controversial'

Barbershop Talk 2 "The Importance of Independent Black Owners in Media" on Sat. Aug. 6

Redding News Review, Black UK Online Partnership Launched

Redding donates art to D.C. gallery...



N.Y. daily: Redding's e-book 'Hired Hatred' invokes 'an activist spirit'

Redding opens first solo D.C. art show

Redding Starts Baltimore News Show; Adds New York

Redding's 'Hired Hatred' surges to more than 200

Redding News Review Editor & Publisher Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.'s Statement on Armstrong Williams: We are proud to report that after a meticulous examination of the content we have provided to our readers and listeners over almost three years that our credibility as a news organization has not been compromised by this scandal. (We severed all of our brief sharing of services with the columnist at the end of March for matters unrelated to this one). Further, we wish Williams all the best in his quest to regain the trust of those familiar with his work. 

'Art House' film includes editor and publisher's artwork

Redding to show 10 works in 'Artomatic'

Hired Hatred Reaches More Than 100 Readers

Redding now heard in all 50 states


Three news-talk stations add 'The News Review'

'The News Review' is now airing in North Carolina


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