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The first subscriber supported black news aggregation website and the oldest award-winning black news aggregation website.
The first talk program with a successful stand-alone global subscription following.
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The global representative of author, radio host, and smear painter Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.
A global talk radio syndication company. 

Redding Communications, Inc. (RCI) is one of world's largest independent communications companies. The company reaches thousands every week with its news site and talk shows.

Advertise on Redding News Review, the oldest black news site on the web and first subscriber-supported Web site, sending approximately 1 million readers across the Web yearly.

Advertise on Redding News Review Unrestricted, an award-winning independent nonpartisan news/entertainment radio program. The program is the first with a successful stand-alone global subscription following. The show's and its host have been named in the Top 100 by Talkers magazine and in the Top 10 in listener surveys conducted by RCI-owned BlackTalkers.com.

Advertise on Black Talkers, a black talk media news trade Web site.

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