Simply amazing art in Chelsea

By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2017, Noon - Art100 New York is one of the best inaugural art show's in the city.

The show features three artists in a spacious new gallery.

First up, Olivier Catt work is deceptively simple-looking but dramatically dynamic. His use of recycled cardboard elevate art and the cityscapes that he portrays.

Second, Alan Sonfist's minimalist earth art utilizing resin on canvas is so willfully underdone that it may be easy to miss it is overwhelming in size and scope. The paintings make the room feel as if it is moving though standing still.

Finally, Mahmoud Hamadani's art work is better than the chance than he says it represents. His intricate ink on paper adds to the artistic conversation.

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Meanwhile, Massey Lyuben Gallery's exhibit of three of their own artists is equally impressive.

Matthew Larson's intricate modern textile broadens the discussion with textile works of hand-dyed yarn layered into Velcro. His works are some of the best ever to be placed on a gallery wall. His unique color and intricate patterns will amaze viewers.

Larson's work is a part of a group show, which includes Giulia Dall'Olio and Garrett Klien.

Dall'Olio mystical utopian landscapes are undeniable enticing and Klien's work are also notable.

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Both shows are filed with similar natural patterns that will advance the world you thought you knew.

You should catch it all before the shows ends in on the first week in February.

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