Redding: Military Dictatorship Surfacing in America?

By Anderson Calderon

Staff Writer

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2017, 3 p.m. - Talk show host Rob Redding yesterday said President Trump’s erratic decision making behavior is now being tightly controlled by the U.S. military.
“I believe that the military is in firm control of our government,” Redding told his subscribers, "because one of Trump’s big election promises was that he was gonna get out of Afghanistan.” 

Redding spoke to his subscribers in 24 states about the speech prior to it being given.

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Trump seemed to shock many last night during the speech when he went against his own promise to pullout while campaigning for office. Redding said Trump has placed himself in a lose-lose situation by having to choose between what the military wants and what the uneducated white middle class wants. 

"They’re gonna be a lot of pissed off white people tonight when he doesn’t pull out of Afghanistan,” he said.

The only factor that would make Trump go against his own word and the people that voted for him is the military, Redding said.

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