KKXX calls Sinister Citizen 'fascinating'

By Staff

NEW YORK, March 17, 2017, 3 p.m. - Rob Redding's new best-selling book "Sinister Citizen" today has been called "fascinating." 

KKXX host Jerry Olenyn told his audience this morning that "Sinister Citizen" is based on a "fascinating theory."

Set in Washington, D.C., "Sinister Citizen" deals with sex, race and the culture wars around immigration and the Trump administration.

Olenyn said the "Sinister Citizen" is "not that out of the real of possibility."

"Sinister Citizen" released on on Monday has officially entered the Top 30 books in the world on Amazon's Hot New Releases "LGBT Short Reads." The news comes as "Sinister Citizen" was ranked in the top 50 in pre-sales last week prior to its release.

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Redding has now has eight consecutive best-selling nonfiction books. His last best-selling book was "Why Black Lives Matter."

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Redding is the host of the popular talk show Redding News Review Unrestricted. The show has subscribers in 24 states. He is also the editor and publisher of the web's oldest destination for news about blacks He has written seven consecutive best sellers.



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