By Attorney Roy Miller

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2017, 3 p.m. - My battle for our children being defined as human beings and not the n-word which fell in line with us bring labeled as property in the Paris Treaty began in 1993. N-word definition had previously not referred to a single race. In 1993, I discovered the simultaneously change of definition by the major dictionaries that changed the meaning to any dark skinned or colored person...obscene...profane (see negro) and I became the first and only person to have the n-word deleted from a major dictionary. It was for our innocent children, that was already born into a lopsided and unfair world that I fought. This was the greatest race relations impact of our time that touched every person of color on earth, yet the wall crumbled in silence. By deleting the n-word, an expert of words had set a precedence that defining a black child with such definition was wrong, which forced other dictionaries to change.

After appearing in Baltimore and New York, by invitation, and successfully delivering argument with Baltimore Councilman Melvin Stukes and NYC Councilman Leroy Comrie for the first major city resolutions against n-word usage, I soon after spoke in Washington, D.C. at the newly elected President Obama's inaugural celebration. I concentrated on race relations and a cure for what hurts in Black America. My messages have centered around giving our youth a chance to live a long life and succeed with dignity.

Next, I felt certain that God wanted me to fight for prayer in school and many media sources, including CBS and Redding News Review, wanted to hear my argument. This proved to be a point where God sat me in class and taught me a lesson. God had clearly showed me a simple reality. When devotion and prayer were in schools we experienced as close to heaven as ever; however, when prayer was not in our schools we went closer to hell.

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So instead of trying to figure logic, the simple guaranteed solution to the breakdown of our children in school would be to simply re-install devotion and prayer. Just that simple. Soon I saw what God wanted me to see. Although God had been the glue that held us together, it was us that told God to go to the back room until we called Him out. We did not fight for school prayer; even though, God was all we had. God exposed to me that many black parents would rather their children stay in hell, rather than return devotion and prayer to schools. Some argue the complicated difference in religions justified evicting God; however, all vines lead back to the root and the root is God.

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God still offers the same. Replace devotion and prayer and our children schools will return to heaven from hell. Guaranteed. However, revealing God to our children will also reveal the wrong in us.


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