Negros in NYC: Blacks make splash at pride

By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

NEW YORK,  June 26, 2017, Noon - Redding News Review this week runs a special NYC Pride edition.

It was easy to spot blacks sporting their fashion at Pride. Some of the people whom we photographed where in the parade and others were there to watch.

We shot these over the weekend in the world's fashion capital.

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We found this boy walking down the sidewalk with his boyfriend.

We found these two after they walked the parade.

We raced to shoot this boy coming from the parade.

These two girls were also coming from the parade.

We found her greeting people coming from the parade.

This participant has been all over the press. He posed for us.

This participant was also all over the press. He also posed for us.

These participants also received a lot of attention in the parade.

These two girls posed for us at the parade.

This young man posed for us while attending the parade.

This boy posed for us after the parade.

These two also posed for us after the parade.

We found these two headed toward the parade.

This young man posed for us at the festival.

This young lady gazed at us for a picture perfect shot at the festival.

Come back next week to see who we feature next!

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(Artist, professor, broadcaster and internet journalist Rob Redding regularly reviews artistic New York and presents creative minds on his daily internationally known and award-winning talk show, "Redding News Review Unrestricted." You can subscribe to the daily talk show at and keep up with his artistic work at You can find out more about his music at


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