Nancy Margolis Gallery misses; Blue Mountain hits

By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2017, 6 p.m. - When entering Nancy Margolis Gallery, walls were found sparsely populated with some of the worst art of the season.

Jeff Depner's "Vague Affinities" is clumpy, sloppy and pointlessly anti-constructivist oil on canvas.

For example, "Echo 2016" showed some signs of strong color concept, but those ideas are lost in an ocean of paint. This is a case where the show postcard looked better than the art in person.

When I spoke to the artist about it he told me that he wanted to just trying something different. Still, viewers who are looking for abstraction that is different may have to find it across the street.

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Winston W├Ąchter Fine Art has art worth viewing. The work of Betsy Eby's "Beyond Measure" is uplifting.

The Georgia-based artist is always a favorite as she is able to make the viewer feel the mood of the beeswax and resin-laden paintings. The works have a tranquil flow in what seems like effortless motion. 

"When the Wind blows the Water White and Black" is poetry on canvas.

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Still, I most enjoyed Blue Mountain Gallery's juried show.

My love of juried shows is strong because I am often able to view scrappy new artist who I may not get to see otherwise.

New York is a big city full of artist with few galleries to show them all and this is a good show with a lot of nuggets of talent.

For example,"Contemplations" by Nataliya Scheib is thought provoking.

What is more, Andrea Anderson's "HIV Treatment Diary" is also a different view on an important topic.

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