Wilmore paid to call Obama N-word?

By Staff

May. 2, 2016, 9 a.m. - In response to Larry Wilmore calling President Obama the N-word on Saturday night, Attorney Roy Miller made the following statement.

"I am convinced that some black celebrities take money or get high rewarding  positions to promote N-word usage. Nothing comes for free. They are sell outs for profit and some say that's okay. Twenty-two years after I fought and had the N-word deleted from a major dictionary, that forced worldwide change, no one has questioned why the definition had been changed just years prior to apply only to colored, dark skinned and negro people. There is an agenda and everyday people just don't care. I tell you what, courts of law all over the world follow dictionary definition when deciding race issues and evidence of racism and discrimination."

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Miller has been a vocal critic of the N-word, as it relates to children's rights. He was responsible for having the word taken out of the dictionary in 1994.

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(Roy Miller is a legal consultant for Redding Communications, Inc., parent company to He is an attorney practicing in Macon, Ga. A primary focus of his practice is on securing safe environments for young people, automobile accidents and wrongful death cases.  Visit his website at He can also be reached via email at Attorney Roy Miler at


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