Redding announces death of chief technologist Michael Wayne Boyles

By Staff

Feb. 5, 2016, 10 a.m. - Redding News Review's Rob Redding today officially announced the death of the parent company's chief technologist last month.

"Redding Communications, Inc. is sad to announce the death of Michael Wayne Boyles, 24, of Kentucky," Redding said. "Mike was one of the brightest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and we all miss him dearly."

Redding said Boyles, who would have been 25 on the Jan. 28, began working with RCI on a new mobile application in the summer. Boyles died tragically in front of Redding in the early morning hours of Jan 5. Listen to the radio show from Jan 5.

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Redding said Boyles was an early participant in the company's contracts to developed several mobile applications, which include a contract with Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

Michael's young life included an interest in the military, a passion in gunsmithing and helping people.

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There are tentative plans for a scholarship in his honor, he said.

Boyles is the second major loss of a RCI team member. Quiana Knox, Redding's longtime producer, lost her life on Feb. 6 in a still unsolved crime in 2003.

RCI is the parent company of Redding News Review, a subscription news service with readers and listeners in 24 states. It also owns publishing and Internet innovation outlets.


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