Wade Simmons becomes President of Redding Communications, Inc.

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ATLANTA, May 12, 2014, 3:00 p.m. - Redding Communications, Inc. Chairman and CEO Rob Redding today announced that Wade Simmons has been named president of the RCI, as the company continues to structure its executive team.

Simmons, who has served as Money Editor for RCI's Redding News Review Web site since 2009 and Editor-at-Large since early last year, brings a strong background in communications, Redding said. He has had stints with the Washington Post-owned Gazette newspapers and Glenarden community television.

"He takes the helm as the brain behind 'Name Your Price', a new innovative system that allows radio and Web readers to determine what they can pay for services," Redding said. "He is also responsible for an increase in radio to Web conversions."

He has a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Maryland, where is pursuing his masters. Simmons, who lives in Washington, D.C., is also the founding head of the North American Amateur Basketball League.

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He will report directly to Redding and CFO Nadra Redding, who is also adding the title COO.

Nadra Redding is the longtime CFO of RCI, who recently added an MBA from Liberty University.

"Nadra, and the expertise that she brings, has contributed immensely to our financial stability over the years and was a major force behind our international operations," Redding said.

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