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By Staff

ATLANTA, April 2, 2014, 5 p.m. - Redding News Review's Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. today will announce that his popular show "Redding News Review" is now exclusively available via his website of the same name.

"'Redding News Review Unrestricted' will feature me cussing, fussing and whipping folks, as I give listeners the pressing news that they need to know from a very independent and provocative perspective," Redding said.

"This completes a transformation that 12-year-old started back in October, when we became the first successful subscriber-supported black news site in the world," he said. "Since's subscription rate has reached 80 percent of the goals that our team has set, the site's success has paved the way for me to be more frank with my content on the web and on radio. I guarantee listeners that this new hour-long Monday through Friday show will be free from the FCC and other influences who have restricted the content of this show for far too many years."

He said dedicated listeners can tune in to the music and commercial free show for just 50 cents a day - for a monthly subscription - or less than 40 cents a day - for a yearly subscription. (They can order a monthly subscription for $9.95 or annual subscription for $99.95). Listeners who are already subscribing to the website will get the show for free and new subscribers to the website will also get the show for free. Those simply wanting to sample the show will have to pay 99 cents and will get one day of free access to

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Redding first began as a talk show host in Atlanta in 2001. He launched into news information syndication on numerous largely music radio stations around the country while working as a reporter in Washington, D.C. in 2005. He inked a deal with Genesis Communications Network (GCN) in February of 2008. The GCN deal ended on Tuesday.

Redding, who Redding has released five best-selling books and two best-selling albums, has been named to's "Talented 10" radio talk show hosts, named one of the "100 Most Important Talk Radio Show Hosts in America" and his website has won three consecutive "Black Web Awards".


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