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By Attorney Roy Miller


ATLANTA, Feb. 18, 2013, Noon - We have come a long way. Who would have ever thought back in the sixties that racists and black folks would see eye to eye. Both are on the same team and agree that black babies are N-words. The N-word applies to beasts without a God, inhuman and worthy of mistreatment. The N-word was never meant to apply to a human being. Many black adults joyfully look at black youth and call them N-words. Instead of demanding that the world stops throwing rocks and hitting our children, we tell our children to pretend that people are throwing kisses and be happy. Many blacks could care less about the hurt and disrespect associated with the toddler recently being slapped and called the N-word by airline passenger and CEO Joe Hundley. A black child is like a dog on a chain, canít escape the abuse. Celebrities, scholars, racists and black parents fight over who has the right to mistreat the animal the most. We rushed to see Quintin Tarantinoís movie Django; even though, it meant hearing the N-word over 100 times. We see no harm in conditioning our youth to accept that they are N-words. When will we respect our black children? Change begins with us!"

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(Roy Miller is a legal consultant for Redding Communications, Inc., parent company to ReddingNewsReview.com. He is an attorney practicing in Macon, Ga. A primary focus of his practice is on securing safe environments for young people, automobile accidents and wrongful death cases.  Visit his website at www.attorneyroymiller.com. He can also be reached via email at Attorney Roy Miler at Attorneymiller99@aol.com).


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