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Rob Redding scheduled to talk to students about his new Obama book out today

By Staff

ATLANTA, Jan. 13, 2012, 8:20 a.m. - Syndicated talk radio show host and founding publisher of ReddingNewsReview.com Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. is scheduled to travel to Temple University and Connecticut College to talk about the upcoming elections and his new book, Where's the Change?: Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America's Problems.

Redding's new book, Where's the Change?, will be a focal point of his address, "How what you say, think and do can impact the 2012 presidential elections."

"When President Obama took power by talking about "hope" and "change", many people thought that a new day in America was close. Shortly after taking office, Obama was viciously attacked by members of the right, who said they wanted him to fail, and then set out to make that goal come true. Obama is now a desperate man, who has lost his congressional majority, after a "shellacking." He is now doing anything to try to circumvent Congress. Now, Americans quickly have to face reality - they changed the president and not the system. The system is the problem," Redding writes.

Of the Tea Party, he writes: "Putting race aside for a minute, a party that comes to town, after the midterms, and says there will be no unemployment extension, in the midst of one of the worst recessions in our history, until the very richest Americans are given a tax break can not argue that their ideology gets things done. A party that ordered Republicans not to negotiate with the president on the debt ceiling, jobs bill and the budget until they get what they want can not argue that their ideology gets things done. The Tea Party is thwarting any change at every turn. Not even allowing a debate on the floor for the budget at the end of last year is a strategy that is diametrically opposed to policymaking for the American people who they say they represent."

On Occupy Wall Street, he writes: "The rule for both Democrats and Republicans has become, 'If we can not control Occupy then we will take away their tents and send them to jail.' The system of both Republicans and Democrats are working in concert with each other to make sure that Occupy is a moment and not a movement. But it may be too little too late, as Time magazine puts the protester on its cover as the "Person of the Year", it appears Occupy is here to stay."

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Where's the Change? also discusses what the founding fathers really wanted, the danger of "political prejudice" and how the American people can fix a broken system.

Redding, who is from Atlanta, will travel to Temple on Feb. 1 and Connecticut on Feb. 2.

Redding, who is known as America's Independent Voice, is the host of Redding News Review, a syndicated news/talk radio show heard nationally six days a week and editor and publisher of ReddingNewsReview.com.

"Where's the Change?" became available digitally on Friday Jan. 13, 2012 on Kindle and at ReddingNewsReview.com.

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