Best of 2012


By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

1. President Obama Reelection - After one of the most racially charged national elections in the history of this country, even Obama seemed a little surprised to have been reelected. He had always said it would be a close election and even had prepared a concession speech to congratulate Romney, who had not prepared one.

2.  Trayvon Martin - The killing of a young man from Florida who just wanted to get a bite to eat and drink caused President Obama to speak out saying, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

3. Shootings - From Colorado to Connecticut the recent shootings have tested the nation and will undoubtedly define a tearful President Obama, as he begins his second term.

4. Black unemployment rate - Came down but not for a good reason, more blacks continue to fall out of the labor market as there benefits run out.

5.  Gay marriage - Became a significant political issue this year with the president saying that he personally supports it.


By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

  1 and 2. The Obamas are still the most popular and glamorous couple in the world.

 3. Al Sharpton has had an incredible year with his advocacy for Trayvon Martin and the president's reelection.

  4. Jamie Foxx - Wins the award for being the most provocative. He called President Obama "Our Lord and Savior" during a recent award show. He then decided to emote his joy of killing white people in his new role as a slave and topped the year off talking about how hard it is to be black.

5. Robin Roberts - Landed the interview of the year, when she was called to the White House to interview with President Obama, who came out to personally support gay marriage



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1. Lil Wayne - The little rapper with often perverse yet sometimes politically provocative lyrics have been all over everyone's records lately. He now says that he will retire. Notably, he has rapped about Frank Ocean coming out as gay and about Democrats.

2. Frank Ocean - The R&B singer is the first major star to come out of the closet as gay.

3. Morgan Freeman - The man promoted as the voice of God by Hollywood gave his voice to support gay marriage.

4. Samuel L. Jackson - Rocked many with his candor when he said that he voted for Obama "because he is black" and that others need to "Wake The F*ck Up" and do the same. He called Michelle Obama "Superwoman" capable of being president.

5. Dr. Tommy Curry - Growing in national profile since we added his weekly commentary on Redding News Review.

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