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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Steele hits Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul and GOP


By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

ATLANTA, May 13, 2011, 8 p.m. - Former RNC Chair Michael Steele today called a recent Ebonics laced skit done by a Rush Limbaugh show staffer "inappropriate" and "unnecessary".

Steele said that the satirical skit does not help to move race relations forward.

"I thought it was highly inappropriate," Steele said. "It is stupid. It's not something that furthers the conversation."

Steele's comments came during a wide-ranging exclusive interview on this reporter's "Redding News Review" radio show.

The Limbaugh staffer, James Golden, who performed the skit, is black.

During the skit Golden said: "And now a translation for the EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. Yeah, what up, my homeys? Check it out, yo. El Paso. Obama blazed up in there like a total O.G. and they took it to them Republicans like Team Six took it to Osama, up all in their grill dog, double tapped him, told 'em the border under control, yo. We puppies ain't gonna chill till they get a moat with some gators to keep those Mexies out, which, you know, a'ight, a'ight, I feel that. But, but, you know, there's some' about this that just ain't -- ain't -- ain't right....."

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The full comments were first reported by The Atlantic.

Steele also assailed fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul for declaring the health care bill to "slavery".

"It is inappropriate and misses the point," he said of Paul's comments.

He said that he feels that he was unfairly targeted by powers within the Republican Party.

"I felt, to some degree, that I was never really given the opportunity to do the job," he said.

Finally, Steele said that he has been trying to meet with President Obama, since Steele said that it was a historical achievement that two blacks were running the two major parties at the same time. Steele said he has been repeatedly rebuffed.

Steele was on the Redding News Review because he is taking a job as the contributing editor at a Washington Post-owned Web site, The Root.  He said the liberal-leaning paper asked him to help out with the black-focused Web site.

Listen to the entire interview, which begins at about 30 minutes after.

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