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Filmmaker lauds Rock's 'Hair' film

By Bruno Gaston

International Editor

Nov. 8, 2009, 7 p.m. - A documentary filmmaker says he supports comedian Chris Rock's latest film, "Good Hair."

Aron Ranen, the creator of Black Hair: The Korean Takeover, says he is supporting the film because it is good to continue the dialogue about the black hair industry.

"I think it's great that he raises the issues," Ranen told Redding News Review. "It takes celebrities to get folks attention. In a way 'Good Hair' and 'Black Hair' could be viewed together on a DVD and work well."

"Good Hair" was released by Rock a month ago and covered the image, economics and satire centered around black hair.

Ranen's film, which was released in 2006, details a black hair industry in which Korean store owners largely dominate the sale of beauty supply products targeted toward blacks and maintain a solid advantage in distribution.

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Devin Robinson, who is an economics professor at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and was one of the black beauty supply store owners in Ranen's film, says he is leading a boycott of the Korean-controlled industry.

"Bringing an economic solution is exactly what is needed," Robinson said. "The black community's dollar is currently handled recklessly and without a focused-driven or strategic aspect This industry is under siege by non-blacks and it amounts severely to an Economic Hate Crime. Ensuring the dollar is ciphered to the black community will solve many of the problems we face."

Ranen agreed.

"My film's subjects are not movie stars,"
Ranen said. "They are everyday people involved on the street level that see the ridiculousness of the current situation and are trying to change it and create a new distribution channel. I support Devin Robinson and The Black Hair Project's efforts to organize and will be participating in helping with the one week boycott."

Asked about one of his favorite parts of "Good Hair,"
Ranen said:

"I really like the relaxer and soda can test....even though I am pro-choice."


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