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EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Sheryl Underwood gets a daily talk show on XM

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By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.


    March 26, 2007, 9 p.m. EDT - Comedian Sheryl Underwood today began hosting her own daily political talk show on XM Satellite Radio.

    Underwood, a staunch Republican and supporter of President Bush, began hosting "Sheryl Underwood and Company" today on Washington D.C.-based XM 169 The Power from 1 to 4 p.m. EDT Monday thru Friday.

    "We are very excited about having Sheryl as part of The Power," said Lee Michaels, national program director for Radio One-owned Syndication One News/Talk and XM 169 The Power.

    "We are looking forward to doing some innovative and creative things," Michaels told Redding News Review. "She brings diversity from her political views, which happen to be from the right ... We are pairing her up with someone from the left."

    He said this "short list" of current "left" co-host pairings includes Amos Brown, of Radio One's WTLC-AM  in Indianapolis.

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    Underwood, who appeared in Warren Beatty's "Bulworth" and is also a former host of the politically incorrect TV show "Holla", could not be reached for comment at press time.

    In 2002, Underwood, who is from Arkansas, blasted Former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, during a radio interview on WAOK-AM in Atlanta.

   "Black folk done went too far, first you said that Bill Clinton was the first black president, which is disrespectful to black men," she exclaimed. "So you're saying that a guy that smokes marijuana, cheats on his wife and plays the saxophone is black? OK, that is some brothers that we know, but that ain't black, that don't represent black."

   During the interview she said she is a "card carrying Republican."

    "Blacks were originally Republicans," Underwood pointed out. "The black community has decided to be myopic in their political point of view, and the problem with this is that means our voice is not heard in every aspect of the political process."

    Michaels said he welcomes Underwood's point of view.  

    "I just feel that having a one sided view does not reflect all of the people," Michaels said. "We as a people are not all Democrats. We have some pretty conservative views. 

    "She brings her views," he said, "but with a humorous slant. We don't plan to make this a comedy show but there will be some laughter."

    Underwood will do her show from Radio One's V100 in Los Angeles, he said. Brian Higgins, an independent, will be moving to the weekends.

    XM also today added a legal show from 9 to 11 p.m. EDT, called "The People's Attorney" hosted by Warren Ballentine.

    "I think what we are about to do is going to take this channel to the next level and some other changes are forthcoming," he said.

(Note: Redding News Review's radio program is heard on XM 169 The Power every Friday from Noon to 1 p.m. EDT).

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