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Redding Communications, Inc. CEO audited twice in two years 

By Staff 

Oct. 7, 2007, 10:20 p.m. -  Redding Communications, Inc. (RCI) CEO Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. is being audited for a second consecutive year. 

“We learned of the audit in late August and have responded as requested,” Redding said.  
The IRS has requested information on Redding’s individual 2005 filings. 
This is the second time the founder of the popular independent black news site Redding News Review and host of the radio show by the same name has been audited. He was last audited in 2004.  

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“This was never about my personal finances,” Redding said in 2004.”  “It is about the fact that we, as a company, have been changing the journalistic world. Our philosophical approach is not in the least bit popular with the Bush administration, which has a pattern of investigating folks who are not in agreement with its partisan politically prejudiced policies.”  
The first probe was announced the same week Redding received the first review since the release of his first e-book, “Hired Hatred: Why politicians, political parties and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government,” a political manifesto condemning partisan government.

New York’s Black Star News wrote: “Polarizing in itself, the ‘Hired Hatred’ will either charge the base of a true partisan leaving them feeling more connected to their party’s political definitions or invoke an activist spirit in them that will make them fight for change by any means necessary.”  
The NAACP and several prominent black churches are also under tax probes and were audited the same year. 
Redding, 31, started RCI more than 11 years ago as a domestic profit Georgia corporation with operations in the District of Columbia. His company specializes in independent publishing, broadcasting, and interactive media. 

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