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Transcript: Redding's remarks on the independent movement


WASHINGTON, June 01, 2006, 3 p.m. - Transcript of remarks made by Robert "Rob" Redding Jr., publisher and host of Redding News Review, before about 50 people at "Independent Movement: A Southeastern Conference" in March at Turner Chapel AME in Marietta. The theme of the conference was “A Vision for a Better Future.”

    REDDING: Clearly there is a movement, not only in Georgia, but across the country. I figure it's important to realize that we wouldn't have a party problem if we didn't have conservative, liberal, and all those little things that come with [labels]. We've got to get away from that, because that's what's really turning people off right now.  It's not necessarily Republican and Democrat, but it's all the little tangents that you can go on [inside] the parties, as well as outside of them. So they're going to find some kind of classification for me. They're going to call me crazy, too. I'm not concerned about what they call me because I am going to pull them of the political plantation, literally and figuratively kicking and screaming....(applause.)

    We've got a problem, and the problem goes beyond George Bush.  It goes beyond ideologies that you slap on one another, and try to minimize and marginalize.  That's the reason why I decided I needed to branch out a long time ago. When I was a child, I remember watching Ronald Reagan on television and if the man had a good idea, it was a good idea. Whether Republican or Democrat, if a man had a bad idea, it was a bad idea, This is my earliest recognition of politics in my life.

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    Overall, I am more concerned about black people.  I'm focused on our people. I'm not concerned about a party either, like many of us aren't we're concerned with the independent movement. I think Black people have more of a reason to be independent than anybody, because our party left us. Okay? We didn't leave our party.  It all started with Jesse Jackson. In my opinion, a lot of it came about around that time, but our party left us. This is what I've been telling our people. And this is what I've been communicating on

    I thought it was important to tell our people what Lenora [Fulani] is doing in New York, to tell them that the Independence Party in New York is coming out against one of the people who brought all of these people - our  people - into the party. (applause.) She's responsible for all of that in New York, from what I've read, from what I've seen, and from the work that I know she's done.

    I used to work at The Washington Times as a reporter.  I lingered there for a long time to study how conservatives and Republicans - I'm using their labels - have constructed a movement. Whether it's a real movement or it's a pseudo-movement, it is a movement. We've got to construct our own movement. And I'm going to make sure that our little syndication that we have, our syndication across 30 cities in the country, continues to get the message out. We need to continue to control our own message and get ourselves together.  

    We're going to do it with radio, we're going to do it with the Internet, and those are the avenues that we're going to win with. We're going to craft a movement in this country. It doesn't have to be much larger than this room, but it needs to look large and sound large?. and be credible, competitive and consistent. That's what we want to do, and I'm here to help you do it however I can. (applause.)

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