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Redding to participate in independent conference

    WASHINGTON, March 07, 2006, Noon - Robert "Rob" Redding Jr., Redding News Review publisher and nationally syndicated radio host, next Saturday will be in Atlanta participating in a conference on independent activism.

    The event, held at Turner Chapel AME on 492 North Marietta Parkway in Marietta, is being called "Independent Movement: A Southeastern Conference." The theme is “A Vision for a Better Future.”

    Dr. Lenora Fulani, a former presidential candidate and a leading independent activist, will be the keynote speaker at the conference. Redding, author of Hired Hatred: Why politicians and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government, will be participating in panels at the conference.


    The conference will be a training seminar that will address voter disenfranchisement, the independent choice, press and independents and being an activist in everyday life.

                        Registration begins at 8:00 am

                        Conference Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

                        Cost: $35.00 includes Lunch and refreshments

                        For more information, phone:

                        iMove( 770)898-8013 or Georgia Independent Voters (GIV): 770-662-6911

                        Registration online:


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