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Milliner takes over as editor of Redding News Review; Redding remains publisher

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 17, 2006, Noon - Redding News Review today added a new managing editor, as the Web site's founder said he will remain publisher.

    Imani Milliner will take over as the top editor at the site, known as America's Independent Voice. She will assume many of the duties carried out by Publisher Robert "Rob" Redding Jr., who had held the job since he started the site nearly four years ago at the age of 26.

    "This is an exciting day for all of us," Redding said. "I have known Imani for a long time and I am confident that she can get the job done." 

   Redding, now 30, said he is moving out of the day-to-day editing position at the site to focus on revenue at the site's parent company Redding Communications, Inc. (RCI). RCI, a company with operations in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.,  is an independent media company focused on radio syndication and internet news.    

    Redding also left his job as a reporter at The Washington (D.C.) Times this month, after RCI entered a contract to provide communications consulting to Michael Brown, son of former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Michael Brown, a nationally know Democratic strategist, is running for mayor of the District.


    Milliner, who will be working out of Atlanta, served as Redding’s research director during his nearly two years at Atlanta's WAOK-AM in Atlanta.

    She is an award-winning writer with a degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She is a native of Pennsylvania - where she served as press secretary for her district’s candidate for state representative, and worked as a correspondent for Montgomery Life Newspaper.

    She also was commissioned as contributing editor in select literary magazines, and has directed and produced multimedia stage productions that reaffirmed various social issues effecting the black community.

    In 2003, Milliner traveled to West Africa to study the origins of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and produced a manuscript honored for publication.

    “I am honored to join Redding News Review, as it is a news source that stares in the face of the black and world news that most media sources no longer have the backbone or freewill to consistently undertake," she said.

    Redding started the leading black news portal while at WAOK.

    The site served more than 350,000 unique visitors over the last two years. Its content was viewed by nearly 3 million visitors last year alone.

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