Redding donates art to D.C. gallery


    WASHINGTON, May 13, 2005, 7 p.m. - Author, nationally syndicated radio personality and Editor & Publisher of Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. last week donated one of his new smear painting's to the Warehouse theater and gallery.

    He donated one of his many untitled paintings to the art complex located in downtown, next to the Washington Convention Center. The money from the donation will go to the theater, which is in the process of buying lights for its "Light up the Warehouse Theater Fundraiser."

    "I felt that it would be a good cause to participate in since the gallery was the first to exhibit my works in the District nearly a year ago," Redding said.

    Redding's artwork has been included in "Art House," an independent movie filmed at "Artomatic 2004."

    He is represented in Europe and Canada by Classic Art House located in Brussels Belgium, and all of his work is located online at: or   

    Redding's news program "Redding News Review" is syndicated in 13 states.  He also runs, an online breaking news Web site, which sends more than 35,000 people across the web daily.

    Redding, who began painting at age 12, is also author of Hired Hatred; Why politicians and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government.

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