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    WASHINGTON, Feb. 04, 2005, 3:00 a.m. - The Washington, D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue has question Redding Communications, Inc. (RCI) CEO Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.'s 2004 tax return.


    The 29-year-old artist, author, editor and publisher of Redding News Review and nationally syndicated news/talk radio host of Redding News Review - The Show said he received a letter Thursday requesting a full vetting of his finances and company expenses.

    "We will comply fully with the request," he said.

    The probe comes as Redding this week received his first glowing review for his first e-book "Hired Hatred: Why politicians, political parties and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government," a political manifesto condemning partisan government. New York's Black Star News wrote: "Polarizing in itself, the "Hired Hatred" will either charge the base of a true partisan leaving them feeling more connected to their party¬ís political definitions or invoke an activist spirit in them that will make them fight for change by any means necessary."

    RCI is a domestic profit Georgia corporation with operations in the District. The diverse 8-year-old independent publishing, broadcast, and interactive media company was founded by Redding May 5, 1996.  

    RCI's Redding News Review is a nonpartisan independent news Web site that reached more than 350,00 people last year. Redding News Review - The Show is heard in 14 cities, including new stations in New York and Atlanta.


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