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Editor & Publisher and radio host Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. in the news.


Rob Redding Confronts Caller about Black Homophobia

Rob Redding –

Black Independent Radio Host Releases Tell All Book That Reveals …

CoverGirl’s response to their first male model’s racist tweet is incredibly cringe


Radio Vet Talk Show Host Rob Redding Writes Another Best-Selling Amazon E-Book “Why Black Lives in Matter…”


Redding talks black media


Redding News Review Moves To Subscription Model

Rob Redding’s Book A Top Seller « Urban Insite

Redding announces release of his new book ‘Unthinkable’

AJC: Rob Redding in stage play…

RO: Redding News Review Radio Goes Subscription Only

AA: Redding News Review Moves To Subscription Model

Rob Redding Now On KLID-AM « Urban Insite

URN: America’s Independent Voice Rob Redding is now live on Cleveland’s WERE-AM

Urbaninsite! Rob Redding Talk Now On WERE-AM Cleveland

AA: Redding News Review Moves To Live Clearance On WERE


AA: Redding News Review Now Airing From Brussels

AJC: Ron Sailor Sr., former talk show host, dies at age 61

‘CM: “Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama’ is a written composition consumed with extreme meaning, highlighting Redding’s boldness, confidence and honesty, one of the most breathtaking eye-openers of this era….’Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama’ is definitely ground-breaking; a modern blueprint to fearless literature.” 

France’s State of Exception reports on Rob Redding’s battle with Sirius XMDr. Tommy Curry: When Black News Disappears: White Holds on Black Intellectuals’ Minds & Mis-Informing the Black Public

White Ref on Rob Redding’s white supremacy interview: ‘Redding actually conducted a professional and reasonably fair interview’

Warren Ballentine pleads ‘Not Guilty’ of all charges against him 

Min. Louis Farrakhan: why don’t you come to the hood in Chicago Mr 

Was Quentin Tarantino out of line for saying the N-word?


Unleash the Whip! No. 2 on; Gets 3 1/2 stars from 

Unleash the Whip! gets 3 1/2 Stars: ‘Dance Music Magic

Redding’s ‘Unleash the Whip!’ album featured on Songster

AJC calls the Rob Redding’e new album ‘racy’

NTS Media: Redding album ‘expands his media reach!

The Daily Caller: The poison in our politics

CBS NEWS: Tropical Storm Isaac delays travel for RNC convention goers

URN: Rob Redding’s Book ‘Disrupter’ spends week at No. 1

URN: Talk Show Host Rob Redding’s New Book Debuts at Number One 

NBC: Local radio host offers free ads to Chick-fil-A

All Access: Some Talkers Come To Aid Of Chick-Fil-A

Urban Radio Nation: Chick-fil-A Controversy Heats up; Radio host offers free advertisement

NTS Media:  Where There’s Talk, There’s Controversy

BAMS interview with Rob Redding Jr about Reese Dismukes 07/26 …

BAMS Radio to interview host at center of racism allegations against Auburn football players

Rob Redding releases new book, “Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence”

Rob Redding: Has Blacks Lives Ever Gotten Better Under The First Black President?

Who’s Got a Problem with Obama 2012 ‘We Got Your Back” Radio Ad?

Professor Lewis Gordon writes forward for Robert Redding’s book “Resurrection: A Historical Antholog

Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

Radio Facts: Rob Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

All Access: ‘Redding News Review’ Added To Weekday Lineup At Sirius XM’s The Power

Urban Radio Nation: Rob Redding moves to weekdays on SiriusXM 128

Inside Radio: Redding on SiriusXM

Richard Prince: Redding on  SiriusXM

CBS News: Rob Redding’s “Resurrection” A Top Seller

NTS Media: ‘Congrats’ Rob Redding for having top Amazon sales…

Urban Radio Nation: ‘Resurrection’ among top 5 hottest books on; top 100 best-sellers

Radio Facts: Rob Redding’s Resurrection among top 5 hottest books on; top 100 best-sellers

ePubublishinghq: ‘Resurrection’ among top 5 hottest books on; top 100 best-sellers

Audio Stream: Rob Redding among top books…

Redding speaks with Temple about Obama and his book

CBS NEWS: ‘Where’s the Change’ hits top 50 on

NTS MEDIA: ‘Where’s the Change?’ tops ideologies

The Day: Community News from Southeastern Connecticut

GCN: ‘Where’s the Change?’ tops ideologies

AJC: Seminary now feeling Morris Brown’s financial pains

NTS MEDIA: Where’s The Change

URBAN RADIO: Talk Radio Show Host Rob Redding Pens New Book about the Obama Administration: “Where’s the Change?”

Rob Redding appears in CBS-TV coverage of Occupy Atlanta

WTHE Adds ‘Redding News Review’

Rob Redding’s Redding News Review Now Heard in NYC : Radio

Rob Redding scheduled to talk to students about his new Obama book


Philly Inquirer: Dan Gross: Hunk title for Bradley C. Rob Redding Jr.’s on the ‘Buzz’ Rob Redding Show Coming To WDBZ-AM

Radio Facts: Rob Redding’s radio show moves into Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s Buzz Adds Redding News Review | AllAccesscom

Syndication news

“Redding News Review” Goes Prime Time in Atlanta, Adds Weekdays in Philly

Redding News Review Gets Weekday Expansion On WURD Philadelphia …

Redding hits Mayor Reed’s decision to evict Occupy ATL

Redding moves into Raleigh

NTSMEDIA: Redding celebrates one year in syndication

Rob Redding’s ”Redding News Review” Adds KNOC


Hear what Rush Limbaugh said…

URBAN RADIO NATION: Rush Limbaugh attempts to ‘marginalize’ Redding News Review

AJC: WAOK’s Rob Redding gets Rush Limbaugh’s attention

ALL ACCESS: Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele’s Views On Redding News Review Draws Response From Rush Limbaugh

NTS MEDIA: Several Talkers Engaged In War Of Words

MEDIA MATTERS: Limbaugh Lashes Out At Michael Steele And Notes Steele’s Prior Apology For Criticizing Him

REDDING.COM: Rush Limbaugh apparently relieved it wasn’t Redding, California …

A conversation with the MOI JR, author of ‘Block Reportin’’

Block Reportin’: A New Brand of Journalism

Rob Redding Filling In For Warren Ballentine Friday

Radio Show Host Rob Redding Says Birthers, Donald Trump & Tea …

Radio Show Host Rob Redding Says Birthers, Donald Trump & Tea …

WERE Adds ‘Redding News Review’ |

Rob Redding now heard in Cleveland

WATCH: Redding’s first solo Smear Painting

Rob Redding to hold solo art show

Rob Redding’s art is included in Louisiana art show

ROLLING OUT MAGAZINE: ‘Redding News Review’ Offers Straight Political Talk on Atlanta’s WAOK-AM

Urban Radio Nation: Rob ‘Redding News Review’ Offers Straight Political Talk on Atlanta’s WAOK-AM

Dryer Buzz: What’s Up with that Brother? ‘Redding News Review’ Offers Straight


Rob Redding Gives Back for Christmas

Doni Glover Joined by ATL’s Rob Redding on Tuesdays on WOLB 1010

WTHQ Adds ‘Redding News Review’ |

WAOK/Atlanta Adds Weekday Edition Of ‘Redding News Review’

Redding Now Heard Weekdays on WAOK « V103 The People’s Station

NTS MediaOnline » Blog Archive » Talk Media News Notes

Congratulations Derrick, Warren and Rev. Al « WAOK-AM

What Happened While America Slept? Find out On America’s Morning …

WGIV Adds ‘Redding News Review’

Rob Redding is now heard in Charlotte

Redding News Review wins third consecutive BWA

WLMC Adds Weekday ‘Redding News Review’ |

WIBB-A/Macon Adds Weekday Version Of ‘Redding News Review’

Redding broadcast from For Sisters Only in Atlanta

Rob Redding To Exit KMLB

NTS Media: Redding leaves KMLB | Journalisms: Redding leaves KMLB

Redding at the Car & Bike Show

 AJC | AV | TV Realist | All Radio News |

All Access | Urban Radio Nation | Radio Info | YouTube

Redding on being only black PD in conservative talk radio

 Watch: Redding talks about weight loss

Listen: Redding talks about weight loss

Film Narrated By Redding To Screen At San Antonio Film

WBOK-A Adds ‘Redding News Review’

Rob Redding Calls for Total Border Enforcement on Alex Jones

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4

All Access on Redding being featured

Redding profiled for new innovative ringtone

Syndicated Radio Talker Sells “Ringtones” to Listeners

Redding becomes first radio talk show host to offer ringtones …

Is the Tea Party Synonymous with Racism and Bigotry

Redding News Review Offers Ringtones Talk radio show host launches ringtones

Redding becomes first radio talk show host to offer ringtones …

Redding takes issue with Gopnik review

Rob Redding fired from Green 960 AM after Bay View newspaper interview

Radio Facts: Rob Redding’s Redding News Review talk radio show returns to Macon, GA

All Access: WIBB-A/Macon Adds ‘Redding News Review’

Radio Online’s coverage…

Redding returns to Macon, Georgia

ARN: Rob Redding’s Redding News Review talk radio show returns to Macon, GA


Black Talkers Founder Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. interviewed by the San Francisco Bay View – Redding talks about Black talkers, President Obama, Rush Limbaugh and more. The article.

 Black Talkers Founder Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. talks about talk radio on KPFA-FM in Berkeley – Redding talks about Black talkers, President Obama, Rush Limbaugh and more. [Listen to the audio starting at 01:40:30]

Redding News Review’s Publisher Rob Redding featured in Radio Ink

Rob Redding talks about Talk Radio

Redding Named Program Director at La. Talk Station

Rob Redding named PD at Talk 540 KMLB

Redding’s article published in peer-reviewed journal

ULM student Redding wins coveted Gold ADDY Award

San Francisco Chronicle: New Green 960 AM host didn’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid

Redding News Review Adds Two Affiliates

Redding on NPR: Hudson, Lowery …  

Redding on NPR: Inauguration Fuels Web Chatter



 Redding on NPR Roundtable: Iraqi Shoes

Website Wednesday: Redding News Review

Redding on NPR: Can Clinton White House Vets Bring Change?

Redding on NPR: Is Palin’s Media Treatment Sexist?  

Redding on NPR: Powell and the ‘Baraction’ level

Redding on Man Who Threatens To Shoot La. Voters Office Over Obama | Video

Rob Redding Now Live On Sunday Night

Redding is Hosting Monroe’s ‘Black Wall Street

Redding hits Palin on NPR

Redding on NPR’s Roundtable: McCain, Obama Find Religion

Redding on NPR: Obama, McCain and Jena

Redding on NPR: Obama in Iraq

Redding’s art included in show

Redding on NPR: Obama, Clinton Join Forces

Redding on NPR: Bloomberg Defends Obama Over Rumors

Prince: Redding targets NBC diversity on Russert

Redding included in ‘Dream’ art show

Redding talks to NPR about Obama, Clinton

NPR: Redding on the Bell verdict

XM’s ‘The Power’ Adds Redding News Review

Redding talks about Tavis Smiley, Obama

Redding finishes 7th in the country at debate nationals, ULM wins novice



Talk 540-AM Host Rob Redding Takes Show National

NPR: Redding slams Clinton, Drudge over Obama picture

Redding: Is America ready to elect a black president?

Listen to Redding on the Jena 6, former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney and Black History Month… 

Redding launches daily radio show

AJC: Atlanta police grapple with ’03 murder of radio producer

Redding on Obama, Hillary (((Watch video)))

ULM Speech and Debate Team Wins Four State Championships, Redding 8th overall

NPR’s Bloggers Roundtable: Redding on Clinton’s crying

NPR’s Bloggers Roundtable: Redding on Obama’s Iowa Victory



How Young’s comments on Obama came to light

Keminications: Congratulations to Redding News Review, America’s top BLACK MEDIA NEWS SITE!!

Fishbowl D.C.: Redding News Review won its first “Black Web Award

Prince: Redding’s won as “Best News Distributor Site”

Shenanigans: Who’s hot?

DC Media Types Hot for Embarrassing Self-Promotion

Redding comes in third in race to be best-looking on air broadcaster in D.C.

Listen to Redding on Fox News prior to Imus’ firing

 Transcript of Redding on Fox News

Redding finishes 13th at debate nationals

Redding takes 8th in Extemporaneous Speaking at nationals

Redding wins ‘top novice’ in ‘extemporaneous speaking’ at the Louisiana Intercollegiate Forensics Association Championships

Redding joins ULM debate


Watch Redding on Fox News

 Read transcript

The Irresponsible Journalism of Hannity & Colmes

 Report: Is Fox Trying To Start A Race War?

“It is always an event anytime Rob Redding’s smear paintings are featured,” writes John Blee, a respected critic and artist. (See page 27)

Web site provides resources for independent viewpoints

Listen to the podcast Rob Redding on WETA-FM

Last-Minute Supporters

So, Do We Hate the Washington ‘Times’ Yet, or What?

Blumenthal Update

Big Next Week For the Washington Times

Forthcoming: Two Washington Times Exposes

Redding to release podcast series on The Washington Times

Redding talks to French newspaper Liberation about gentrification in D.C.

Southern Regional Conference of Independents

Redding takes over at Brown for mayor


The Baltimore Sun on Rob Redding’s Steele Video

NABJ: Redding: Drudge, we’re not “animals” 



*THE BALTIMORE SUN DEC. 13 2004: ‘The controversy started Dec. 1 when Williams’ statement was posted online by Robert (Rob) Redding Jr. at his Web log,, which is targeted to “black news readers”‘

*THE BALTIMORE SUN DEC. 11, 2004:  ‘The remark has been a hot topic online since Dec. 1, when blogger Robert Redding Jr., posted it on [], his Web log targeted to “black news readers.” Redding says he read Williams’ remarks while on a flight.” I thought, ‘We need to do something about this. It shows that just because people are getting older and replaced, it doesn’t mean attitudes are changing,'” Redding said yesterday.

*Columnist Richard Prince DEC. 6: ‘The item was spotted by Robert Redding of the Washington Times as he was traveling, and he wrote about it on his Web site.’


Rob Redding now heard in all 50 states

The Washington Times’ coverage of Rob Redding’s first Washington, D.C. art showing

Upscale magazine: Rob is ‘evolving into one of the most respected names in the media’

Rob Redding, The Independent Voice of the Black Community ‘The News Review’ adds 3 new affiliates

Gwinnett Daily Post: Redding holds art show; syndicated

Atlanta Campus Hosts Redding Art Show Brenau

Urbaninsite: ‘The News Review’ adds Macon

AJC: Pleasure Zone Gone*

Liberal nightmare; Bush raids MLK day*

Jacksons complains about media racism*


Urbaninsite: Redding exits WAOK

Atlanta Independent Media Center: ‘Why I’m mot down with communist’

11Alive: Referendum could polarize black vote

AJC: Perdue’s journey in black and white

Paper -AJC- mentions slain producer Quiana Knox Rob Redding’s producer Quiana Knox mourned – Black America Laments on Day of Tragedy


Grouchy Old Cripple: Reparations march blasted Redding address O’Reilly vs. Ludachris controversy

Observatorio da Imprensa – Materias – 29/5/2002*  

Redding helps launches Atlanta ‘Media Watch’ WAOK and Rob Redding introduced

Georgia Democrats form independent party*

Georgia governor pulls radio advertising*

*indicates exclusives picked up by other media organizations.


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