How to lose weight now? How Rob Redding lost 135 pounds in 6 months and has kept it off for 15 years

Most people do not believe that I was once 135 pounds heavier than I am today. They look at me as if I am telling them a story, when I tell them that I went from 315 pounds to 180 pounds in just six short months. They are downright astonished when I tell them that I have been keeping it off for 15 years.

I lost my weight before Jared went on his Subway diet. I lost the pounds before people started getting these crazy gastric bypass surgeries. I am telling you today that you do not have to do any of these radical things to lose the weight but you will have to change your way of thinking.

Before I tell you my secret, you need to understand the reason why I lost the weight is just as important as how I did it. I did not have any motivation other than wanting to control something in my life. In short, I needed some discipline. Many of us are overweight because we lack discipline. My weight loss inadvertently corrected my discipline problem. I now use my new found discipline in other areas of my life.

First, let me tell you what losing the weight has done for me. Losing the weight taught me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Since losing the weight, I have started a successful syndicated radio show and Web site; achieved the highest honor in talk radio; received top awards in journalism and advertising; worked as a journalist at a major U.S. newspaper; and am an best-selling author and artist. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Redding Communications Inc.

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