For our beloved America to survive, it must confront the unnecessary privately advanced system of polarizing political prejudice. This prejudice is crippling the government’s ability to make viable public policy. For this discussion, political prejudice will be defined as, hatred of someone’s policy view based solely on their political party affiliation or ideological position, without first getting to know them. This problem of political prejudice is unnecessarily powered by privately run political parties that tout their politicians, who are elected by the voters, who fuel the system of hired hatred.

    Making matters worse, the fact that political prejudice is not an original premise of this government’s founding fathers has not stopped these politicians more than two hundred year fight - since 1796 - to keep their respective political parties in power. This has been done by suppressing and ultimately silencing competitors with differing views, at the expense of good government. Even more unfortunate, this system of hired hatred - which includes male and female as well as white and black politicians - is overwhelmingly pervasive.

    For example, races and families are needlessly splintered over who among them is a Liberal vs. Conservative or a Republican vs. Democrat. These people’s heads are also filled with meaningless ideological and racial stereotypes, such as Republicans are better at organizing and sustaining the military; Republicans will cut taxes and trim government; Democrats are generally poor, black or Jewish; Democrats are better at domestic policy; and Liberals are Democrats and only Conservatives are Republicans. With these set political prejudices ingrained in discussions of government there is generally no talk of policy or flexibility, once someone identifies with a political party or ideology. Further, this distracting political prejudice is a major part of what takes the focus off the government and places it on the political game playing by the hired hatred elected to run the country.

    Equally important, is this system of hired hatred backed by privately-funded political parties, which also are not mentioned in the original drafts of this country’s key founding documents. The political parties are foul because they use the aforementioned sweeping political prejudices to polarize the vote against opponents. As a result of this galvanization, most voters buy into a pseudo-American government run by political parties. The ultimate implications of this system of hired hatred result in voter apathy and disenfranchisement, because candidates and their political parties are never quite what they seem. Finally, contenders to these privately-funded political parties, who if they are to be heard, must run within the system to change it, often fail because they lack the financing; plurality of the vote; or their “issues” are swallowed up by the competition.

    Hired Hatred: Why politicians, political parties and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government, confronts the disastrous consequences of political party run government. Hired Hatred, dissects how Americans have been duped into believing that politicians, political parties and the political prejudices they tout are needed, when the system of hired hatred actually misleads the voters, creates false expectations and is paralyzing the principles this great country was founded upon. Hired Hatred explains how not voting, amending the U.S. Constitution and developing a truly independent media will divorce political parties, there politicians and political prejudice right out of government. And finally, Hired Hatred explains why a simple policy making paradigm will give America’s government back to the people. Read on by purchasing your copy or Hired Hatred below... 

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