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[Redding News Review has changed media since it was founded more than nine years ago. A key reason why this Web site is so popular is because of its world exclusives, which have received wide recognition thought the media. The following are just a few of the exclusives broken on the site and picked up by other publications since signing on...]

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XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Rihanna dominates 2010 and 2011 XXX
Congressional Briefs: Cummings and Lee
N-word attorney lauds "Huckleberry Finn" decision
Black unemployment remains high
Black lawmakers comment on Gabrielle Giffords
Attorney Miller: Huckleberry Finn and the Disrespect of Black Children
Congressional Briefs: Lee and Cummings
Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Lee and Waters
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Britney Spears surges to No. 1 XXX
Analysis: Obama is losing hip-hop's support?
Black unemployment declines
Black Unemployment Update: Lee Wants to Extend Benefits
Black Eyed Peas are the latest rappers to fight for Obama's attention names Madison and Ballentine top talk show hosts
Lee touts Planned Parenthood
Rob Redding to hold solo art show
Black unemployment declines
Black unemployment continues slow decline
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Cee Lo Green now No. 1 XXX
Redding: President Obama can't get away with calling the Tea Party racist
There is little wrong with what Ron Schiller said
Congressional Briefs: Lee, Lewis and Cummings
Talk show host to hold 'Hug a Muslim Day'
EXCLUSIVE: Gayle King to halt radio show, focus on TV

EXCLUSIVE: CBS journalist Byron Pitts 'surprised' by N-word

History of Black News: Redding News Review Enters 10th Year
Obama's Libya speech a throwback to his Philadelphia race speech
Redding now heard weekdays in Cleveland
Black unemployment inches up
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Cee Lo Green dominates the chart XXX
TODAY: Talk show host holds 'Hug a Muslim Day'
Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Lee, Lewis, Waters 
Redding rips the loud and ghetto black woman in Obama's re-election ad
Rob Redding gets two chapters in new book
Obama starts black web portal
Exclusive: White House defends stimulus lapse for blacks
Breaking: White House will not release school records
XM 169 The Power is moving to the Sirius platform, becomes SiriusXM 128
Alex Jones says president was born in Hawaii, despite presenting a 'fake' birth certificate
SHOCK: Osama bin Laden death photo hits the Internet
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Katy Perry debuts at No. 1 XXX
April's black unemployment rate matches second worst under Obama 
Urban Outfitters hit for lack of diversity
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Steele hits Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul and GOP
Talk show host slams Rep. Jim Moran
Moran said he will not apologize
Jerome Corsi trashes Donald Trump
Blacks still have stranglehold on Forbes Celebrity 100
XXX Michael Jackson rocks the chart with his No. 1 debut XXX
May's black unemployment rate surges to second worst under Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama to visit Africa
Jean Carne on Michael Jackson's changing voice; says 'Precious' had 'rough sides'
Source: Bishop Eddie Long settled for $24.8 million, private apology
Buju Banton fans asked to write letters
Congressional Briefs: Lee and Lewis
Book tells of Frankie Crocker, radio and music business
Malik Zulu Shabazz apologizes to Obama about 'N-Word', hits Hannity and O'Reilly
Obama hits Michele Bachmann, Republicans
Rob Redding now heard weekdays in Louisiana
Black unemployment hovers at record 16.2%
Open letter: Atlanta children treated like 'lab rats'
Author says Mitt Romney led racist church
Aide: Obama welcomes support of his debt deal walk out
XXX Kelly Rowland Moves Into No. 1 XXX
Obama, Lewis celebrate Mandela's Birthday
First black woman to own a radio station dies
Obama praises black unemployment tour
AURN's news director out
XXX 'Otis' by Jay-Z and Kanye West debuts at No. 1 XXX
Tea Party demanding Rep. Maxine Waters apologize for 'hell' remark
CNN, TV One Martin Luther King coverage announced
Black lawmakers write Obama about jobs
Exclusive: Bev Smith Show going away
MLK dedication postponed, Secret Service may be reason
Rob Redding celebrates a year in weekday syndication
Black unemployment spikes to new high of 16.7 %
Black activists arrested during BP boycott
Rep. Jesse Jackson says Obama needs a better jobs plan
Rep. Waters says the President Obama will 'target' jobs to blacks
Rev. Jesse Jackson says he 'reserves' the right to be critical of Obama
Rev. Jesse Jackson says media tried to use CBC criticism against Obama
Rev. Jesse Jackson says MLK never said a bad word about JFK
Rev. Jesse Jackson: Republicans who skipped Obama's address are 'unpatriotic'
XXX Britney Spears is No. 1 on chart XXX
Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson Urge Clemency For Inmate Troy Anthony Davis
Black journalists caught applauding the president
Bishop Eddie Long accusers say they are not gay, talk about money
Racist websites hit new Miss Universe Leila Lopes
Neal Boortz wants Troy Davis dead
Race, Media, and Troy Davis
WH: Obama to talk about black unemployment; addresses Cleaver
Miller: Obama should get involved in Troy Davis case; state law being ignored
Source: Troy Davis was at the scene, but did not kill anyone
Obama plays politics in Troy Davis case
Kwame Kilpatrick says Obama is 'starting to look like everybody else'
Troy Davis funeral delayed, body held by state
Blacks are focus of Obama CBC speech
Sources: President Obama tried to save Troy Davis from execution
Redding moves into Raleigh
Obama publicly ignores Troy Davis, even in death
Troy Davis Funeral (Photos)
XXX Maroon 5 is No. 1 on chart XXX
Cain assures whites with blacks 'brainwashed' remark
(Audio) Last words of Troy Davis, says he is innocent
Lowery says racism is worse under Obama, calls critics unpatriotic
Black unemployment down to 16 percent
O'Donell is wrong about Cain
Occupy Atl: Lewis was a 'tactical error'; says it is inclusive movement
Why Herman Cain Will Win the GOP Nomination
Occupy Greensboro explains why they attacked Obama
America’s Second Civil War?
Civil rights leader calls Atlanta mayor a "tyrant"
Occupy Atlanta's Tim Franzen tells of injuries during jail interview
Cartoonist targets Atlanta mayor over Occupy Atlanta eviction
99 Percenters: Don’t Hate the Player…Just Hate the Game
Redding now heard more days in Philly, gets better times in key markets
Cartoonist targets Herman Cain over sex allegations
Jesse Jackson to visit Occupy Atlanta, may endorse
Black unemployment down
Occupy Atlanta: APD responsible for two injuries and malicious arrests
Joe Madison leads 'Talented 10' in talk radio
Media Has Rushed To Judgment With Herman Cain
Occupy Atlanta gets support from famed evicted woman
Rob Redding's radio show moves into Cincinnati
Alveda King hits Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Obama
Occupy Atlanta denies TB threat

Message to "Occupiers": Demand Something or Go Home!

Occupy Atlanta returns to park, scheduled to take bridge
Occupy Atlanta disrupts two Wells Fargo banks
Occupy Atlanta's Tim Franzen says he was 'targeted'
Black conservative says Obama needs thicker skin on race
The New Civil Rights Movement: Child Sexual Abuse
Cain makes Wolf Blitzer gaffe
Farrakhan says Super Committee's failure is 'a sign of the end'
XXX David Guetta and Usher take top of chart XXX
Occupy Atlanta scheduled to return to park
Black unemployment inches back up
EXCLUSIVE: Soul for Real talks about Heavy D split
Occupy Atlanta meets with mayor
CNN: Don Lemon says he may be a token

Obama makes controversial pick; lost doc unsolved

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