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Black Talk Star Award winners announced Majority Black Federal Police Union files Race and Age Injunction against U.S. Capitol Police and Library of Congress
The launch of "Tavis Smiley Reports" The Washington Times fires editorial desk, black writer
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: David Guetta's One Love debuts at No. 1 XXX   Source: Obama Transition Team Extends Diversity Outreach To Afro-Latinos
Steele apologizes for 'Honest Injun' remark; still wants Reid to resign Journalist, business entrepreneur joins RNR's business section
Black Democrats support Reid

Congressional Briefs: Lee and Cummings

Joe Madison wants Obama and Reid to meet Source: Obama Transition Team Extends Diversity Outreach To Afro-Latinos
Black lawmakers vow to help Haiti Attorney Roy Miller to speak at inaugural event
Rush Limbaugh defends Wyclef Jean

Wade Simmons: Stress reducers for business owners

Black lawmakers fight to change tax code for Haiti, environmental justice Coz Carson leaves talk radio, returns to music radio
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: David Guetta's 'One Love' Tops Chart XXX

Lee: 'Pleased' at BART Police Officer's Arrest

Cummings, Lee and Lewis on the Obama's State of the Union; Waters on Haiti

Redding News Review launches 'Business Diary' blog

Cynthia McKinney to spin records as 'DJ CYN' for Erykah Badu? Attorney Roy Miller's Inaugural Event Speech for the Arrival Of Change
McKinney to Receive Peace Prize Wade Simmons: Obama wins first TARP test - maybe
Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Fudge, Lee Congressional Briefs: CBC supports Holder
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Ke$ha's 'TiK ToK' takes No. 1 XXX

Fudge and Lee laud King and Obama

Congressional Briefs: Lee applauds settlement for black farmers Wade Simmons: Obamaism might be all the economy needs
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Trey Songz Debuts at No. 1 XXX Afro-Latina Leader: America's 'Greatest Public Relations Day' 
Lee says Black unemployment must be addressed; backs Rangel Attorney Roy Miller request meeting with Mercer U. president over N-word

NY Group Tells U.S. Afro-Latinos to 'Check Both!' in 2010 Census

Source: Sharpton, Ballentine cut from Atlanta radio

Redding returns to Macon, Georgia

Merritt: Obama's new beginning does not mark the end 

Sharpton, Watts pressure Obama on black health gap

Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Lee and Lewis 

XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Sun's 'Fancy Free' moves into second place XXX Hemstreet Lights up National Talk Show Phone Lines for Over an Hour with 'Mortgage Holiday' Discussion
Redding: Washington Post art critic must apologize for comparing empty paintings to black people  Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Lee and Lewis

Group wants Caribbean-Americans to tout nationality on 2010 Census

LaMar Gafford joins Redding News Review
Cummings 'anger or fear' will not stop health care vote

EXCLUSIVE: Sharpton circulates New York Post petition

Black lawmakers hit 'racist' health care protesters EXCLUSIVE: Blacks leave Oscars empty-handed
Tavis Smiley changes his tune on Obama's health care

Sharpton to continue protest of The New York Post, News Corp.

XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Sun's 'Fancy Free' takes No.1 XXX Excerpts from Obama's first address to Congress
Black lawmakers applaud Obama's health care reform Text of Obama's first address to Congress
Redding News Review adds thousands of readers after eight years Congressional Briefs: Lee and Jackson on spending, programs and appointments 
Latino Census Campaign Supports Drive to 'Check Both' ROB REDDING NOW HEARD IN BAY AREA 
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Rihanna 'Rude Boy' No. 1 XXX REDDING NOW HEARD IN MELBOURNE, TUSCUMBIA
Redding becomes first radio talk show host to offer ringtones Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo joins Redding News Review as entertainment editor
'Black Age' Founder Challenges Snoop Dogg's Black Superhero Claim


Black unemployment surges amid positive job report

Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Jackson, Lee, Lewis 

Steele's naked lady allegations build 'REDDING NEWS REVIEW' WINS GOLD ADDY AWARD
Talk show host calls for month-long boycott of Virginia Source: Mo'Nique denied contract, pulled from the air 
Obama hangs Emancipation Proclamation in Oval Office Lee joins Davis in Introducing the Federal Prison Work Incentive
Goldberg says she dates black men EXCLUSIVE:  Coz Carson hospitalized 
Obama, Black lawmakers lament loss of Dorothy Height Lewis says some TARP firms owe unpaid taxes 
Source: Louisiana university removes valuables ahead of Ludacris concert Wiley College puts Denzel Washington’s money to good use, dominates debate 
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: B.o.B debuts at No. 1 XXX

Analysis: Obama avoids black issues

Black lawmakers assail Arizona's new immigration law Redding News Review celebrates seven years
Jesse Jackson calls Arizona's bill 'terrorism'; blames Obama Many blacks say give Obama's policies a chance
Black journalist writes popular open letter to NPR Simmons wants Obama to keep Bush policies, jail crooks
Column: In Death, Korey May Save Lives Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Lee, Scott
Out mag names "Precious" director to top 50; Sykes slips a notch Black lawmakers demand access to TARP funds
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Lady Antebellum closes in on B.o.B XXX Sharpton Taps Virgin Islander for VP of National Action Network Southeast Office

Film Review: Human Rights in Quisqueya

Exclusivce: Timothy Shriver says Special Olympics ‘enormously hurt and offended’ by Obama
Black unemployment remains high Redding's article published in peer-reviewed Journal, presents paper
Congressional Briefs: Commemorations and Awards Timothy Shriver applauds 8-year-old on r-word
Jesse Jackson hits Rand Paul, Paul issues statement  Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Lee, Waters
James Clyburn "appalled" by Rand Paul's race comments Black musicians hold mixed views on Obama
Black leaders hit Rand Paul on desegregation comments RNR's Playlist Picks: Adding Nadia Ali, Kid Cudi, Keri Hilson, FloRida and Paper Route

XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Usher's 'OMG' surges to No. 1 XXX

Congressional Briefs: Lee, Cummings
EXCLUSIVE: Holmes hired as new AMN co-host Vivica A. Fox on Zac Efron: 'I like brothers'
Redding News Review is now heard in New Orleans

Greenpeace: Environmental Movement Can Do Better in Africa

CNN apologizes for airing N-word during segment on elderly black woman Exclusive: Councilman receives death threats over Confederate flags
N-word activist wants CNN to rebroadcast story Jay-Z says Obama marks the decline of the 'Gangsta'
Peterson escorted out while crusading against illegal immigration XXXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Beyonce and FloRida Are the biggest moversXXXX
Black unemployment dips on temporary jobs Exclusive: Councilman who removed flags working with FBI
Source: CNN N-word slip has not resulted in apology, punishment

Exclusive: Councilman returns Confederate flags, urges protest

Redding: Drudge uses Helen Thomas mess to hit Obama, blacks Exclusive Pictures of Watson Brake
Lee says black unemployment is still 'unacceptably high' WHY THE PUBLIC MAY NEVER SEE 'WATSON BRAKE'
Redding News Review up for third consecutive Web award

Congressional Briefs: Fudge, Lee, Lewis, Scott

Brier: Thomas' comments don't surprise me

VIBE magazine denies it is folding

Prince says white music monopoly must end Redding News Review adds Myrtle Beach, Charleston
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Usher's 'OMG' still No. 1 XXX Source: Hayes, former NAACP interim prez and CEO, out
Lee Statement on President’s Address to the Nation on BP Oil Spill Bond says Hayes left NAACP on his own
Lee hits McChrystal, war Hughes says Radio One has trimmed pay, hours
CBC questions Kagan's hiring of blacks Release: Ivan Van Sertima
Did the Tony Awards snub 'FELA!'? XXXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Foxx, Cox and Michele new HITSXXX
White woman's blackface skit to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Jose Villegas now addicted to helping others
Lee says black unemployment rate is too high

Attorney Roy Miller writes governor about Troy Davis

Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Fudge, Lee, Scott NAACP head vows to challenge Obama
N-word attorney starts Web site Redding wins AP award
Call Him Le Fraud Now Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Fudge, Jackson, Lee, Scott
RNC Head Michael Steele to Participate in Newsmaker Plenary at NABJ Convention

Congressional Briefs: Fudge and Lee

XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' No. 1 XXX XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Foxx takes No. 1XXX
NAACP head Benjamin Jealous receiving death threats


Congressman Fattah Says Shameful Inaction on Jobless Benefits Must End

Congressional Briefs: Butterfield, Cummings, Lee

Newt Gingrich praises NAACP Drudge says Obama is 'evil'
Book offers new view of diversity management Officials: Honduras' new Chancellor, Enrique Ortez Colindres, must apologize for slur
Vilsack Must Keep Black Farmers on their Land Redding: Blacks kids deserve an education too
Rangel says he will fight charges with the 'truth' Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Lee, Lewis
Congressional Briefs: Cummings, Lee Redding included in 'Heaven and Hell'
Joe Madison Among Talkers Magazine 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts of All Time Miller: Gates incident could lead to less policing in Black neighborhoods, curb Obama's willingness to speak out
Magazine selects seven blacks for top talk list, Oprah unlisted Congressional Briefs: Lee supports Obama's racial profiling comments
Lee wants troops and military contractors out of Afghanistan Redding: Duncan has no experience, flawed education plan 
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Eminem at No. 1, Minogue surges XXX Black lawmakers laud Medal of Freedom honorees
New racial profiling book links drugs and 'race war' EXCLUSIVE: PETA TRIES TO STOP VICK FROM ATTENDING SCLC EVENT
Lee wants 'targeted efforts' to employ blacks Larry Elder returning to radio?
Caribbean Philosophical Association awards XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Sean Kingston gains on the Black Eyed Peas XXX
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Minogue Hits No.1, 'Power' surges XXX

Redding: The First Rat to the Top of the Education Race

Rob Redding launches weekday show

Lee concerned about public option being stripped from health care bill

Beck apologizes for calling Obama a 'racist', did not start civil rights movement

Redding narrates upcoming movie 'Stay Brady Stay'

Sherrod says she feared being ‘monitored’, censored Black lawmakers pay tribute to Sen. Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy
Barbara Lee Applaud Withdrawal of Combat Troops from Iraq Lee applauds torture probe
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: T.I. debuts at No. 1 XXX

Redding: Obama's education address attacked because he is black

Atlanta paper to apologize for no blacks in '8 Artist to Watch' XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Mariah Cary gains on the Black Eyed Peas XXX
Redding now heard in South Carolina Lewis says Wilson's conduct 'should not be tolerated'
Congressional Briefs: Lee, Cummings Black lawmakers applaud resolution of disapproval
Ambrose I. Lane Sr., talk host and scholar, dies Redding now heard on WURD in Philadelphia
Dick Gregory hits Andrew Young over MLK comments Joe Madison interviews Jim Brown
Shirley Sherrod says others likely to receive black farmers money Redding releases weight loss guide
Two out of five black children are in living poverty - Census XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Black Eyed Peas, Shakira and Jay-Z dominate chart XXX
Redding News Review wins third consecutive BWA Congresswoman Lee Introduces Legislation Prohibiting Funding for Military Escalation in Afghanistan
Attorney: Bishop Long will address sex charges on Sunday Redding to hold 'One a Day Fade Away' weight loss seminars
Donald Trump calls Obama's health and economic policies 'stupidity' Black lawmakers back Obama on Nobel Peace Prize
Bishop Eddie Long denies gay sex rumors Redding Presents Future of Education Plan
Republicans say they will not hire as long as Obama is president XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: 'I Gotta Feeling' producer takes top spot XXX
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Bruno Mars at No. 1 XXX XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Jay Sean takes the top spot XXX
Rap song hits Bishop Eddie Long XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Agnes takes the top spot XXX
Congressional Briefs: CBC wants moratorium on foreclosures

Congressional Briefs: HIV/AIDS, Health Care and Civil Rights

XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Nelly at No. 1 XXX Redding launches Black Talkers
Objective black journalists and bloggers cheer black prez? Black Talkers: Oprah tops 'Talented 10'
Rapper and actor T.I. hits the media in his new song Black Talkers releases 'Talented 10'
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Rihanna dominates at No. 1 and No. 2 XXX XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Muse surges to the top XXX
Black woman's Cracker Barrel attacker heads to court Congressional Briefs: Black lawmakers laud health care vote
NPR’s firing of Juan Williams Further Proof of Political Correctness Run Amok Filmmaker lauds Rock's 'Hair' film
CNN's Tony Harris jokes about robbing Warren Buffett Attorney releases free Christmas music
President Obama devalues the office by going on Ricky Smiley? Redding calls for boycott of Universal
Black unemployment dips XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Jay-Z has the world in an Empire State of Mind XXX
Rob Redding is now on weekdays in Atlanta Roland Martin challenges Rush Limbaugh to a debate
Black Talkers releases 2010 'Talented 10' in radio Black lawmakers hit Obama on Afghanistan surge
Madison, Sharpton call for action against Rush Limbaugh Tavis Smiley calls Obama's health reform 'small change'
Congressional Briefs: Black farmers, tax cuts, John Lewis, war Fulani explains why she did not support Thompson
Rob Redding now heard in Kentucky, Illinois Redding News Review's Decade in Review
XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Rihanna still No. 1 and No. 2 XXX Redding News Review's Best of 2009
Blacks support Rangel following censure XXX Redding News Review's Playlist Picks: Jay-Z, Muse, Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta XXX
Black unemployment rises  
Blacks lawmakers praise black farmers settlement   
Congressional Briefs: CBC, Cummings, Lee  
Height to get post office  
Congressional Briefs: Lee and Cummings  
Redding News Review's Best of 2010  



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