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By Robert “Rob” Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

1.MeToo – The #MeToo movement has maintained its momentum throughout 2018 as many more powerful men were forced to account for past instances of sexual assault and misconduct. Once-revered comedian Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison;┬áRussell Simmons has been weakened, Tavis Smiley lost his job; and┬áMorgan Freeman fought off CNN.

2. The fall of Bill Cosby – Cosby an American icon went to jail. He is first black man to be cast as a regular in a TV show. A case can be made that he set the stage for Michael Jackson to President Obama. And he gave generous amounts to educate blacks, while demanding higher standards.

3. Black movies – Forget Black Panther being the biggest blackest movie ever, it is the biggest movie ever with more than 1 million in ticket sells.

4. Black books – Michelle Obama has the best selling book in the country with over 2 million books sold. The book had everyone talking with Omarosa’s book running a close second.

5. #Living while black! – Calls to the police were the highlight of the year. From Waffle House to Starbucks companies grappling to figure out how to treat black people. Blacks also were reported for cutting the grass, campaigning or even sleeping.

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