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Nationally syndicated talk host Rob Redding said that President Trump is out to prove that he can shut the government down better than the past black president.

Redding today on his talk show Redding News Review Unrestricted blasted White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney who said that President Obama “weaponized” the last government shut down and that this government shut down will “look very different.”

Redding said this is an indicator that President Trump is using “white nationalism to prove we are better than you.”

Here is a partial transcript of Redding’s daily show:

“This is the way [Trump] would make the case that if there is shutdown under me it’s better run than the black president. Remember they are trying to prove that they are better, which is why I believe that there will be a shut down. There trying to prove that they do this better than the black president.

“Nobody should want the government to be shut down…”


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