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Best of 2017


By Robert “Rob” Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

1. President Trump – The bad man and his bad ways are now the law of the land. Every headline this year has something to do with our new president. He is the best at getting his message out and making other messages look like “fake news” to his millions of supporters.

2. Black officer saves Congress – My book “Sinister Citizen” foretold of the political assassinations of politicians under a Trump-like figure in March. Just a few weeks later Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was saved by Special Agent Crystal Griner, a black LGBTQ woman, while at a baseball game. Griner also saved the lives of many others.

3. Charlottesville – Trump stepped in it when he told Americans “both sides” were to blame after the tragedy. Weeks later he set out to prove it with DeAndre Harris who was badly beaten being charged with a felony.

4. NFL protests –  Ex NFL player Colin Kapernick has become a major name in the world of protests, as many this year have taken up his cause. Trump inflamed the issue by saying that he disagreed with the protest and said that many owners were scared to speak out. Vice President Pence even walked out of a NFL game.

5. Trans / Muslim ban / DACA – All these protected groups are targeted by the Trump administration. They are fighting various battles at various levels. And while it may seem like these groups have nothing to do with the black community, many of them contain various people of color who are being targeted under the new regulations.



By Robert “Rob” Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

1. Bill Cosby – When many thought he may being going jail he got away. Too many forget he was the first big name to be fingered for sexual harassment. It will be interesting to see if he can stay free in the new year.

2. Omaros Manigault Newman – She grabbed headlines while in the White House after she proclaimed that she had taped a purported fight with journalist April Ryan. She then made more headlines when she said Ryan was wrong for her report of when she was leaving the White House. She now says that Trump is not a racist but “racial.” It will be interesting what stories she will tell of her time in the administration as the only black woman in the White House.

3. Armstrong Williams – His profile is continuing to rise as he is one of the few blacks who passionately defends the president at every turn. Expect to see more of him this year.

4. Colin Kapernick – His name and the NFL are synonymous. It is hard to say that the controversy hasn’t turned him into a Marquee non-player. There is also talk of NFL ownership with Diddy.

5. Robert Gabriel Mugabe – One of the most important figures in Africa dominated the news when he was forced from power late this year. It is one of the biggest stories in the world and a sign that the old world is starting to give way to new blood.



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1. The Obama’s are still the most admired. The question is what’s is the next move.

2. Bill Cosby hobbled out of court after beating sex abuse charges. We will be watching to see if he survives another round of charges.

3. Diddy – Wants to become the first black owner of a NFL team. He will be one to watch in the new year.

 4. Jay-Z made a big splash this year with his Tidal music venture. He has now sold a portion to Sprint. We will continue to watch his every move.

 5. Janet Jackson made a major statement by releasing her latest offering on her own record label just a few months ago. Now her world tour is bringing her back.

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