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By Robert “Rob” Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

CoverGirl spokesman James Charles today apologized after Redding News Review exclusively reported in February that he made racist comments about men and women.

Charles apologized directly to the people the comments were about in a video that appears to be promoted by the Coty-owned brand. The company has just announced a major overhaul for its brand last month.

“I have never really made a direct apology to the people that my tweets affected, which is where an apology should’ve been directed in the first place,” he said. “In case you didn’t know, a few years ago I posted some really, really sh!tty and ignorant and offensive tweets regarding people of different races that I’m really, really not proud of. They were disgusting, they were degrading, and now I realize how my words actually affect people.”

Redding New Review exclusively reported that Charles still had racist comments on his Instagram and Twitter accounts after making racists statements about hoping he did not get Ebola before taking a recent trip to Africa.

Previous to the trip, Charles made comments repeatedly disparaging black women, Indian Americans and Mexican Americans, according recovered media posts found by Redding News Review. The exclusive was picked up by The Metro newspaper in London at the time.

Charles posted a picture of the back of a black women’s head saying: “what the hell….this is not ok” and how he wished he was a “chubby black woman.”

He appeared to have called an Indian man “stupid” for not having his shirt size and also posted about how Mexicans are not “allowed” to an event.

The company at the time never responded to repeated requests for comment.

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