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NEW YORK,  Oct. 16, 2017, 7 a.m. – Talk show host and journalist Rob Redding has announced that he will release on Nov. 6th a biography on chronicling the first 40 years of his life.

Redding, who is known as America’s Independent Voice, tells all his secrets in an all audio format that he is calling a Brook – half broadcast and book.

As a Brook, “Out Loud” deals with the first four decades before he came out as bisexual to his listeners on his talk show Redding News Review Unrestricted in April.

He talks about being surrounded by death. His most traumatic death of his mother at age 18, his producer in his mid-20s and his boyfriend at the age of 39.

Recorded while living in Huntington, WV, Redding tells listeners of the Brook no subject is left off the table.

He gets deeply personal about his marriage and divorce, which occurred after he found out his daughter was not his. He talks about how he later slept with more than 50 white men and overcoming many of his prejudices from and about white men.

The story builds on his first experiences of racism growing up south of Atlanta in Fayette County as an artist, the son of a Baptist minister and teacher.

He also discusses how he started the award-winning Redding News Review in Atlanta, his to ousting from Sirius XM’s “The Power” and move to Europe.

Out Loud is a deep look at the man known to many as America’s Independent Voice who speaks directly to his audience without requiring them to read a word.

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