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By: Attorney Roy Miller
By now we should clearly see the pattern. We did not win the Revolutionary War, we entered a Treaty in Paris (Paris Treaty). The Treaty by European countries labeled Slaves (Black People) as property, indicating that property can never be equal or treated equal to people (We The People). Regarding what our government gives, we can allow separate but equal services, but never say that races are the same. Sadly enough, guaranteed perpetual racism was placed in our law by design. The intention was to show that the lowest White person shall forever be above the highest Black person.
Compliance with the Paris Treaty has always been expressed by the United States through n-word identification, Separate but Equal Laws, unequal justice clearly given, and our national Anthem that is rooted out of racism and boasts lyrics that places slaves (Black People) in the position of being inferior to their masters. Such inferior designation must be continuously shown against Black people by our country or else we will be in violation of the Paris Treaty, which is still alive and well. Read and use common sense. Treaties never die and are perpetually protected by Article in our constitution. You will see Seperate but Equal inferences of races throughout our country’s existence, but never the same. Our country was designed by Treaty (contract) to always be racist towards Black people, the property designated as slaves.
I have love for everyone; however, the truth is the truth. It hurts to clearly see.¬†Blacks openly and clearly knowing their place of inferiority, yet kneeling in allegiance to the implication of the words of our National Anthem in it’s entirety, shows that the United States is being openly obedient to the Paris Treaty. That is a must. Our overall rule on Race Relations in America is Separate but Equal extension of services, but make it clear that races are never to be considered the same. In our laws, Blacks were designated as Property, Native Americans were manipulated into being designated as a Nation (for Treaty purposes) and everyone else was designated as “We The People”.

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